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Rocplex Sourcing Agent Services

Still worrying about building materials sourcing from China? Then it would be a wise choice for you to choose us. Characterized by one stop procurement services, ROCPLEX enables you to source from China in an unexpected but amazing way.

Below are BENEFITS you can enjoy…

Overseas Office

Excellent purchasing department and quality control department, and of course, professional merchandiser.

So ROCPLEX have enough confidence to be your reliable overseas purchasing department.

25 years of wood family business let us have the confidence to do a good job in building materials products purchasing agent.

Lower Costs

Although building materials prices are moderately lower in China, May be it is not good deal to establish an overseas office and hire staff to operate it for China procurement. The good news is that ROCPLEX offers a better alternative. Serving as an order fulfillment agent, ROCPLEX also assists you in purchasing products from China. Based in the largest sourcing destination, ROCPLEX makes the most of this favorable location, thus can efficiently locate suppliers and shorten the supply chain. And for this reason, ROC allows you to cut off costs, enjoy professional procurement services, surely at the best prices, and gain great benefits from China.


More Resources

It’s definitely not that easy to find right building materials suppliers. However, applying tactical local sourcing strategies and collaborating with China-based factories and industry alliances, ROCPLEX is skilled in managing Chinese suppliers and has abundant high-quality building materials sourcing resources at command, especially in the wood products and hardware field. In the past few 25 years, ROCPLEX have own family companies in wood board product manufacture, and from clients,ROCPLEX know more peer enterprises and related hardware industry chain.  So with millions of building materials products manufactured in China we can get you connected and assure product quality.

Buy Plywood, Timber, Film Faced Plywood, Formply, OSB & Structural LVL; Marine Plywood | ROCPLEX

Lower Risk

Purchasing directly from online suppliers is not only time-consuming, but can be a troublesome and risky task.

Fortunately, ROCPLEX helps you identify and verify suppliers based on accumulated sourcing experiences together with technological means, and interconnects you with reliable suppliers.


Flexible & Customized

Featured as an innovative and flexible partner, ROCPLEX offers customized sourcing services, which includes but is not limited to sample purchase, quality check, MOQ and mold fee inquiries, goods pick-up, assisting in customs clearance and duties reduction. With personnel well experienced, we are able to fully understand and meet your specific needs.

Convenient Logistics

We have loyal logistics partners in the major ports of the country, and 25 years of export experience enables us to have cheaper transportation prices and better logistics services.

Whether it is the agent of commodity inspection, customs clearance or agent booking, or container purchase, we have enough assurance to provide you with the most reliable service and the best price.

Hassle Free

People often see growing business opportunities from sourcing in China, but neglect that time differences, cultural differences and languages could be obstacles. But now you can rest easy for ROCPLEX would surely rescue you from this kind of “heavy lifting”. And you don’t need to deal with five or six companies, but just ROCPLEX, for we can decrease communication misunderstandings, follow up with domestic tracking information, facilitate higher efficiency and ease your headache.

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