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SENSO formwork LVL and formwork timber provide strength and stability in commercial construction. Built for endurance, our formwork beams and bearers ensure outstanding structural integrity. Enhance your commercial construction with SENSO’s formwork LVL and formwork timber. Engineered for robustness, our formwork beams offer superior load-bearing capacity and stability, making them an ideal choice for demanding environments. For a seamless construction experience, rely on our bearers and LVL concrete forms, precision-manufactured for uniformity and dimensional stability. SENSO – your trusted provider of top-quality, performance-driven formwork solutions.

Product Detail

Built for strength, SENSO® Formwork LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is engineered for robustness and reliability in construction. This formwork timber’s inherent resilience offers exceptional load-bearing capacity, crucial in commercial buildings. Through our strict manufacturing standards, SENSO guarantees that each piece of formwork LVL we produce stands tall against industry expectations..

SENSO formwork beams provide the backbone for resilient constructions. Designed with structural integrity in mind, our beams support structures in demanding conditions. With uniform dimensions and stringent quality checks, SENSO’s formwork beams ensure high-performance consistency across all applications.

 form LVL, formwork lvl, formwork timber, formwork beam, bearers

Manufactured for enduring use, SENSO bearers offer superior load distribution in construction projects. They are a valuable element in our formwork systems, bolstering overall strength while maintaining dimensional stability. SENSO bearers are a testament to our commitment to quality and performance in all our products.

In the realm of concrete forms, SENSO form LVL shines. With a focus on delivering dependable and uniform products, SENSO LVL concrete forms ensure a smooth and sturdy surface for concrete pouring. This contributes to seamless construction workflows, minimizing the need for corrections and adjustments on-site.

Range of SENSO Form LVL Beam Series


form LVL, formwork lvl, formwork timber, formwork beam, bearers

  form LVL, formwork lvl, formwork timber, formwork beam, bearers   form LVL, formwork lvl, formwork timber, formwork beam, bearers  

SENSO Form LVL Beam series offers a broad range of options, with products from E9 to E14.
All Formwork LVL Timber Passed AS 4357 Certification

SENSO Form LVL Beam Standard Sizes

Thickness (mm) Depth (mm)
95 150
Length Availability 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m, 6.0m, Other lengths are available by special manufacture up to 12m
* Available in max lengths of 6.0m only

SENSO Form LVL Beam Specifications

Veneer Thickness Joint Group
Constant through the product thickness JD3 – for nails, bolts and screws
Joints Bond
Scarf and / or butt jointed A Bond – AS/NZS 2098.2
Moisture Content Branding
8% – 15% (at time of despatch) Each piece of SENSO LVL is branded as least once with the product name for identification and evidence of compliance with manufacturing control standards
Dimensional Tolerances
Available on request
Straightness Storage
Available on request Store on level bearers at maximum 1800mm centres well clear of the ground, and cover to keep dry but allow ventilation
580-650 kg/m³ (approximately) Source
  Plantation timber

SENSO LVL Beam Advantage


  1. High-strength Formwork LVL: SENSO LVL provides superior load-bearing capacity.
  2. Dependable Formwork Beams: Designed for structural integrity and performance consistency.
  3. Durable Bearers: Built for enduring use, offering superior load distribution.
  4. Quality LVL Concrete Forms: Ensures a smooth and sturdy surface for concrete pouring.
  5. Uniform Product Dimensions: Minimizing need for adjustments on-site.


  • Enhanced Structural Integrity: SENSO’s formwork products contribute to stronger, more reliable constructions.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: With SENSO’s quality, less time and money are spent on corrections and adjustments.
  • Superior Load Distribution: Providing stability and safety on construction sites.
  • Environmental Consideration: Our formwork LVL products are manufactured from sustainably sourced timber.
  • Support for OEM/ODM Services: SENSO’s commitment to providing solutions tailored to customer needs.

form LVL, formwork lvl, formwork timber, formwork beam, bearers

SENSO LVL Certified By


JAS-ANZ benchmark pefc FSC      

SENSO formwork LVL, formwork beams, and bearers are crafted to enhance the structural integrity of commercial buildings. Meeting various construction requirements, SENSO is a trusted one-stop wholesaler and manufacturer. We encourage building materials wholesalers and construction sites in Australia and New Zealand to experience the SENSO difference. Connect with our sales team today or visit our website for more information.

Form LVL Beam FAQ

Q: Does SENSO support OEM or ODM service?

A: Yes, SENSO is fully equipped to provide both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services. We have the resources and expertise to accommodate your specific needs and requirements.

Q: What is SENSO Form LVL?

A: SENSO Form LVL is a high-quality, engineered formwork timber specifically designed for commercial construction. These formwork beams offer superior load-bearing capacity and stability, making them ideal for demanding construction environments.

Q: Is SENSO a manufacturer or a wholesaler?

A: SENSO is a one-stop shop solution. We are a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Form LVL and other building materials. We provide comprehensive solutions for building material wholesalers and construction sites.

Q: How does SENSO Form LVL enhance the structural integrity of my construction?

A: SENSO Form LVL beams offer superior load-bearing capacity, high modulus of elasticity, and exceptional dimensional stability. Their robust nature enhances the overall structural integrity of buildings, making them a key component of commercial construction.

Q: What are the benefits of using SENSO Form LVL for my construction needs?

A: SENSO Form LVL products are engineered for robustness and uniformity. They resist warping and twisting, offer a high load-bearing capacity, and are precision manufactured for consistency. Their versatility allows them to meet various construction requirements, offering significant benefits over traditional building materials.

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